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product 3

Option 1
Vegetarian cocktail sausage rolls vegetarian Vol - au - vents vegetarian sandwich platters

£5.00 per head
product 3

Option 2
Cocktail sausage rolls filled vol-au-vents pizzas Sandwich platters crisps

£7.00 per head
product 3

Option 3
Tubs of stovies with oatcakes and beetroot Tubs of macroni Soup and filled rolls

£4.00 per head
product 3

Option 4
Bacon Rolls Sausage Rolls Egg Rolls

£2.50 per head
product 3

Assorted cakes
(2 cakes per head)

£2.00 per head

10% discount on orders of 50 people or more

24 hours notice required Mon - Friday

48 hours notice required for Saturday